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Ostara's Altar - Rules & Deadlines

Dear Designers and Bloggers,

Please be sure to read all the rules and requirements. By applying you are agreeing that you have read and agree to the event rules. Please re-read the rules per event, as we reserve the right to change or amend them before apps go live for the next round/event.

Ostara's Altar - 2022 - Square.png
Ostara's Altar - Important Deadlines


  • Designer Applications Open


  • Designer Application deadline

  • Accepted Designers will be notified ASAP

  • Blogger Applications Open


  • Designer Payment deadline


  • Blogger Applications Close

March 26 - NOON SLT

  • Designer Setup Begins​


  • Designer Booth Checks - You must be 100% Setup At this time

  • 24hr Extensions need to be purchased (975L$) before this time

  • Hunt Prizes MUST be in place as they are REQUIRED this round.

  • Late Designers with no communication will be removed


  • ​All Designers with purchased extensions must be setup

MARCH 31 - 1pm SLT

  • Blogger Early Access Day!

  • Soft Opening for Group Members

APRIL  1 - 1pm SLT

  • Ostara's Altar Opens To ALL

APRIL 15 - 1pm SLT

  • Ostara's Altar Ends


  • Blogger reports due on or before this date

About Ostara's Altar

Ostara's Altar is a softer side dark style themed shopping market in Second Life.

The spring thaw brings forth the Goddess Ostara. Pay homage to her altar at Dark Passions Events next themed event. This time we shall bring forth a soft yet magically dark side of spring.. All designers are welcome but priority will be shown to those that dabble in the dark arts of witchcraft, pastel goth, NuGoth, Victorian, magic, whimsical and spookiness in general.

This event is an intimate shopping market with max 50 quality alternative/fantasy designers. 

Theme: Wiccan, Equinox, NuGoth, Pastel Goth, Fantasy, Soft Victorian

Designer Rules & Requirements

​Main Requirements:

  • Must create 1 new exclusive item in the event theme. No Discount is required for this event. Price your items how you like.

  • By Exclusive item, we mean "Event Reserved" for the duration of the event. Exclusives can be sold in your store after the event.

  • All extra items are welcome as long as they match the theme

  • 10L Ostara Egg Hunt - New Exclusive items only (recolor/redesigns ok) **MANDATORY THIS ROUND ONLY**

    • Gifts in the hunt item must be new and reflect your store's quality and style.

    • This hunt item is mandatory this round only realize I will be expecting you to keep your word if you are accepted as a designer.

  • Accepted stores must rezz the event poster/subscriber in or near your main store​

  • Images for the DPE Shopping guide are required. This includes hunt items as well as the exclusive.

    • Send Item Images to:​

      • DPEvents Resident​

      • Email them to the email address provided in your notecard/to the group



  • The most important rule of all.. Items must be in theme. The theme is very open to interpretation but please stick close to the idea of Ostara.

    • Theme Overview: Wiccan, Equinox, NuGoth, Pastel Goth, Fantasy, Soft Victorian


Fees & Prim Limits:

  • Fees must be paid in time or risk being replaced. All fees are non-refundable.

  • Landing Point Spot: This gets you the very first stop off the landing point (Only 4 available)

    • 3000L$ - 60 prim​ (LI) for items and unscripted decor
      • Same size shop as others but with a landing point bonus and extra prims

  • Regular Spot fee: 

    • 2500L$ - 50 prim (LI) spot for items and unscripted decor)

  • Extra prims are available:

    • Additional Prims are sold in lots of 25 prims for 250L$

    • Extra prims can be purchased at any time by Landing Point or Regular spot holders

    • If you require more please contact the event owner to see if more are available.

  • Hunt Prize Prims do not count toward your Prim (LI) limit​

Deadlines & Extensions:

  • Everyone must be set up by the booth check deadline set by the calendar. We require the setup to be complete by the dates set above in order to give media coverage/bloggers time before the event opens.  If you are not set up by this time, you WILL be removed from the event unless you have purchased an extension prior to the booth check deadline.

  • 24 Hour Deadline Extensions for booth setup:

    • If you know you will be running close to time or will be running late a one-time 24-hour extension can be purchased. This fee must be purchased before the booth check Deadline. Refunds are not given once you purchase a deadline extension even if you finish early. It is the designers' responsibility to manage their time wisely as our deadlines are pre-announced.​

    • 24-Hour Extension Fee: 975L$​

Event Coverage:

  • Dark Passions Events strives to provide the most coverage possible. We consistently apply for coverage with Seraphim and the SL Destination Guide. We can not guarantee we will be picked up for either but we have been many times.

  • Examples of paid advertising we have used for past/present events: 

    • Seraphim sidebar

    • sidebar

    • sidebar


Event Setup & Vendor Systems:

  • Exclusives must be marked with the Exclusive Tag Provided

    • This allows customers and event coverage (ex. Seraphim) to know what is the new item to include in their guide​

  • Single prim vendors ONLY

    • Scrolling vendors are NOT accepted and will be returned.

    • Why no scrolling vendors?

      • Mainly due to Lag and because this is a select item discount sale, not an entire store sale.

  • Vendor systems such as MD Labs and caspervend are allowed as long as they follow the no scrolling vendor rule.

    • Caspervend users MUST use the Event vendor scripts. For more information on Caspervend Event scripts check the Caspervend Wiki​

  • For pose stores, the scrolling vendor rule may be overlooked if you put out a demo as many have scrolling pose demos

  • No adult demos please the sim is mature, not adult.

    • Solution: You may put a teleport sign up to a place where people can test your adult demo.

Acceptance To The Event

  • For this Event, we will accept a maximum of 50 designers (more may be accepted if space allows) 

  • All designers are welcome but priority will be shown to those that dabble in the dark arts of witchcraft, pastel goth, NuGoth, Victorian, magic, whimsical, and spookiness in general.

  • If accepted you will need a space for the Dark Passions land group. It will be sent to you after payment. 

    • ​Only accepted designers will be contacted. If you are not contacted and selected waitlist, you will be contacted if a space opens.

    • An official designer list will be posted on the main page of the Dark Passions Events site.

Event Owner: Bcreative Wilde
Blogger Rules & Requirements
  • Bloggers are free to choose what they would like to blog for this event

  • At least 3 posts from each blogger is expected.

  • One of the 3 posts must be a special feature of the event to help promote the event as a whole.

  • You will be provided an event logo and be expected to use it in posts or in your listed event sponsors (if you list them)

  • Between 20 - 40 bloggers will be selected. Keep in mind his is a smaller intimate gathering of designers.

    • Do not contact us and ask if you are accepted. We will contact you. ​

    • An official blogger list will be posted on the main page of the Dark Passions Events site.

  • Respect that it is the Designers choice to place their item in the blogger room or not. Please do not ask any designers for their items.

  • There will also be a 5L$ Hunt with prizes from several designers. We can not guarantee these will be place in the blogger room but we encourage you to promote this fun extra as well.

  • If accepted you will need a space for the Dark Passions land group. It will be sent to you if you are selected.

  • All blogging questions should be directed to the blog manager

  • You will be expected to fill out a blog report at the end of the event.

Blogger Manager:
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